Many homeowners fail to maintain their roof as expected and that eventually leads to various issues. Some of those issues are minor but others require the assistance of a professional roofer. If not attended as soon as possible, some of those roofing issues can be disastrous and extremely costly. So, it is very important to keep an eye on your roof all the time and address any issues before things become serious. However, if you notice any of the below-mentioned issues, contact a professional roofer at your earliest.

  1. Your roof has ice dams

The ice and snow piled up on your roof during winter will melt due to a small temperature increase. As a result, ice water can seep particularly through shingles and then come into contact with the roofing material. This situation should need the assistance of a professional roofer and it should be done as soon as the winter is over.

  1. The roof has shrunken

If your roof is pretty old, the membrane of it can shrink and create spaces. In order to fix the shrunken membrane and prevent leaks, there must be a professional roofer with a great deal of experience.

  1. Cracked roof

Hailstorms and strong winds often come with debris and as a result, your roof can end up with some cracks and even punctures. You cannot fix those as a DIY task. To handle such a responsible task precisely, there should be the presence of a professional roofer.

  1. Ponding water

Ponding water can eventually lead to rusting. As a result, the roof coating will be damaged. If you notice any ponding water on your flat roof, that means there is a major issue with the entire structure. Such a problem must be addressed by a professional roofer only.

  1. Shingles are broken

Split/broken shingles are another annoyance caused by strong winds and hailstorms. If a couple of shingles are broken, you can fix those by yourself. But you will need an expert if a large number of shingles or tiles are broken.

This article was provided by D’Angelo & Sons Roofing and Exteriors.