A Beacon for Fighting: How Whisper the Cat Survived a Massive Surgery and Total Life Change

Whisper is an inspiring example of fighting no matter what- and she’s not even a person. Whisper was found in a Denver, CO animal shelter, with battered whiskers, bad skin, and a massive dental issue. It was the latter point that made Whisper’s story particularly exceptional. When she was found, she had very few of her teeth remaining.

The Problem with Her Teeth

Whisper lives the high life now as a clinic cat with many friends. Many of her friends may argue differently (or bark). But, she is a popular local favorite, and her story began rough. Whisper was facing shockingly teeth degradation. She was dealing with feline resorption lesions. In short, it’s a disease not unlike gum disease in humans. Her teeth were eroding one by one, eventually burying into the jawline. It is stated that this disease is jaw-droppingly common. A Banfield report suggests that having the disease in one form or another is more common than not having it. In other words, the majority of cats and dogs have the dental disease than those who don’t. It is that common.

Stopping the Spread of Disease

Unfortunately for Whisper, the disease was more than a nuisance. She had very few of her teeth left, and her partial roots were exposed to infection and disease. She had to undergo extensive surgery to remove the few remaining teeth as well as the buried partial roots. This was to avoid potential jawline infection ultimately resulting in her death if left ignored. Whisper is alive today, and healthy as can be.

Whisper and Friends

Readers can find out more about Whisper the vet clinic cat at the website. She is a major inspiration to the community. Everyone knows her. Many know her story. She persevered, and she was given a fighting chance. Whisper is a lovely beacon for fighting the good fight. Add a little care and love into the world.

No one can know how that will affect the population, what stories impact the world, and where the positivity will go. It has to go somewhere. Whisper is an illuminating presence in the clinic and an example of fighting to care for every pet that comes in.